Arizona International Baccalaureate Schools

IB Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q. Who is an ideal IB learner?    

A. An ideal IB learner is an inquisitive, risk-taking thinker who can be both curious and reflective.


Q. What are the benefits of participating in IB throughout all grade levels?

A. Students can develop continuously into educated, well-rounded global citizens who successfully explore learning through an international perspective.


Q. Does my child need to be a top academic achiever to succeed in IB?

A. No, your child must demonstrate desire and be hardworking, reflective, and determined to reach their own goals.


Q. How can I learn more about the IB programs in schools near me?

 A. Inquisitive people will visit websites like and other school resources.


Q. How will IB help my student in the future?

A. IB students become confident, reflective, collaborative global citizens through participating in a risk-taking, service-centered will to act.


Q. How is IB different than other programs?

A. IB programs expose students to a global inquiry based interdisciplinary curriculum where they problem solve, engage in community service and make connections.