Arizona International Baccalaureate Schools

Archived Headlines

September 2017

  • Tempe IB Academy Welcomes Teachers from Mexico- Click here for the story
  • Ironwood High School IB students are designing a Peace Pole reflection are for their campus 
  • Willow Canyon High School has doubled their number of Diploma Candidates and Recipients

  • Desert Mountain High School has begun the MVP candidacy process at Mountainside Middle School

  • Nogales High School 2017 grads Athena Daman and Diego Garcia have gone to Princeton and Notre Dame

  • Summit Academy teachers Brittany Schriber and Dotti Craw won MYP and PYP Teacher of the Year

  • Canyon Del Oro High now offers IB Lit and Performance
  • Verde Valley High School just sent their 2000th Backpack for Hungry Kids home
  • Madison Simis' Parent Organization is offering IB Teacher Grants for resources, workshops, books, etc...
  • Westwood High School 2017 IB Grads were awarded over $14 million in scholarships among 64 grads
  • Mountain View Preparatory PYP students organized a donation drive for victims of Hurricane Harvey
  • Millenium High School increased student participation by 65% this year
  • Odyssey Institute students are committed to gaining understanding and application of the material they are learning verus just achieving the highest score