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 2019 AZIBS Students and Educators Announced

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Students of the Year

(from left to right) 

Naomi Sellers, Sophie Garcia, and Holly Hoostra

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Educators of the Year

(from left to right) 

Carrie Wolfe, Julia Hubbs, Monique Winfield

AZIBS Annual Dues

2019-2020 AZIBS invoice for annual dues (Word Document and PDF Format)

IB Brags

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  • Quail Run Elementary sold 150 packages of socks to support a WASH (Water, Sanitation, Health) project at a partner school in the developing world. This will be 1/4 of a well for a school!
  • Estrella Mountain MYP 7th and 8th graders presented a Leadership Day where 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students were grouped and rotated through classrooms where teambuilding activities were lead by MYP students. 
  • Westwood High School just received approval to move on to the application for authorization after successfully completing the application for candidacy for their CP program.
  • Madision Simis 4th grade girls have taken action in a special way! They have been using their morning recess time twice a week to read and play games with students with disabilities in SPED classes.
  • Ironwood High School IB students volunteered to elp the Athletic Director keep the football field clean after football games. They have done so all season and have had a great time completing this selfless service. 
  • Summit Academy has once again earned a letter grade "A" from the state of Arizona!
  • Mountainside Middle School has completed their consultation visit and the results were extremely favorable. The consultant said that she had to look hard for improvement recommendations!

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AZIBS 2020 Roundtable

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